Monday, November 20, 2006

Microsoft is giving away money - No Joke

OK - a bit of a hoax actually. Microsoft is giving away the Beta version of 
Microsoft Expression Web Designer.  This may be the best thing that happened to Web design since html (or not). The most important feature is the ability to design dynamic templates that have features that can be used (and modified) in all pages - you no longer have to edit 1000 pages to change the buttons on your Web site or change the look. They also provide better management of styles than previous, and implement a lot of widgets and doohickeys that let you insert form buttons, "onhover" events for mice and so on. The afficianados and purists may be satisfied with notepad or Dreamweaver. For the rest of us, this application may be very helpful. And no, I am not a big fan of Msoft.

The downside that I discovered so far is slow performance (you thought frontpage was slow...) and apparent absence of a real WYSIWYG preview. The design view is probably adequate for most things though.

Where do you get it?

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