Sunday, February 1, 2009

Report: 4 year pregnancy

General News of Sunday, 1 February 2009

Woman Delivers After Four-Year Pregnancy
A woman who allegedly conceived for four years has finally delivered a bouncing baby boy at Akyem Takyiman in the eastern region.

A disappointed couple, Dominic Adu, 29 and Grace Arthur 21, all from Akyem Takyiman who had married for five years had to divorce upon pressures from their parents to bring forth children.

The couple made steps by consulting local herbalists for solution for several months but could not get any good result. They further diverted to the Akwatia Government Hospital for examination, when they suspected the wife missed her period for four months.

The Laboratory test and scanning however proved negative. Mr. Adu was frustrated and had to abandon the wife and attempted to seek for a new partner, who could bring forth children for him.

Later, the aunt of Grace Arthur directed the couple to see one Dr. Isaiah K. Boateng of Isaboaco Herbal Clinic at Kade for medical attention who confirm that Ms. Arthur was actually pregnant for almost four years but the pregnancy was affected by a strange disease.

At this juncture the husband was said to have left the wife to her fate and even went to the extend of insinuating the Herbal Doctor who started given the wife some medication to prove her woman hood.

Dr. Isaiah with his experience counseled the couple and advised them to stick to their medication.

After some time, Ms. Arthur delivered a bouncing baby boy. The couple has now come together as man and wife and was seen in a happy mood when our reporter met them at the Clinic in Kade when they had gone to thank Dr. Isaiah.
Disclaimer: No responsibility is assumed for the physiological accuracy of the report or the veracity of the facts. It is not known if actual babies or mothers were hurt in preparing the above report.

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